Touring Braddock High School

Touring Braddock High School

On Monday, April 30th, Focus On Tomorrow representatives, Will Barroso, Christina Vazquez, Eddy Fernandez & Juan Gonzalez (pictured above from left to right) met with Principal Garcia to communicate the progress of the organization. An affordable plan for a phase one roll-out was presented to Principal Garcia. Mr. Garcia was pleased to see the reduced cost and the advance technology being envisioned for the new TV program. The meeting concluded with a tour of G. Holmes Braddock High School, conducted by Assistant Principal Medina. Mr. Medina was gracious enough to take the FOT reps to the old WBHS/BTV studio, the auditorium, the gym and to some classrooms to meet certain faculty members.

While some salvageable equipment was found most of the remaining gear and furniture will need to be replaced. The distribution center has very few functioning modulators remaining, creating yet another hurdle to rebuild the program. However, the reps were informed that the school is now equipped with a Wi-Fi system, the first to be installed in Dade County Public High Schools. This opens the door for the potential to distribute the show into classroom via computers, tablets and smart boards as opposed to the aging TV sets.

Mr. Garcia proposed to the FOT reps that Braddock Information Technology students be used in implementing the network that will host the new TV program. This affords IT students the opportunity to learn a new skill set that was previously not offered at the school. Focus On Tomorrow is thrilled to learn that the efforts of the organization will enrich the lives of students beyond the TV Production course.

The visit to Braddock provided much needed insight on the current state of support that the new TV program will need to sustain itself. Now Focus On Tomorrow shifts its focus to branding and fundraising. For information on how you can help, or to stay informed on the project’s progress, subscribe to receive notifications by email by using the Subscribe widget on the left sidebar.

Article by: Will Barroso