The Structuring Phase

The Structuring Phase

The structuring phase of our project has begun.  Focus On Tomorrow is now a legal entity and ready to operate.  The Board Members have begun to divide responsibilities within the three areas they feel require the most attention.  The breakdown below illustrates the three committees being formed and what each is responsible for.  We are always looking for volunteers so if you see something you can contribute to please don’t hesitate to email us at (substitute _at_ for @).


The Event Planning Committee

Fundraising Events

  • Scout locations for fundraising events.
  • Prepare food/beverage menu.
  • Organize raffles and/or auctions for events.
  • Reach out to vendors and solicit gift submissions to be used in raffles and/or auctions.
  • Negotiate event exposure with vendors that donate such gifts.
  • Work with Communications Committee to prepare marketing tools for sponsors, if applicable.
  • Submit event budget and actual expenses to Business Affairs Committee.


The Communications Committee

Media Production

  • Produce media for on-air promotion.
  • Produce media for print promotion, including press kits, print ads, etc.
  • Produce promotional materials for fundraising events.


  • Reach out to media outlets to raise awareness of the project.


The Business Affairs Committee


  • Create budgets.
  • Monitor expenses.
  • Record donation income.
  • Present financial statements to the board of directors.

Business Relations

  • Solicit donations from television stations and other industry companies.

Grant Proposals

  • Research media education grants.
  • Prepare and follow up on grant proposals


  • Determine current inventory at Braddock.
  • Finalize technical specifications for the program.
  • Purchase equipment for the program.
  • Work with engineers on installing equipment.

Article by: Will Barroso