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Wearing uniforms, having homework and staying on campus for lunch are all rules some students say are too stringent.

The rules keep students from expressing individuality, some students said. But school officials said the rules are in place to keep structure and function as a student body. College Counselor Uriel Gonzalez wore uniforms in high school.

“My uniform was actually just white and khaki. I think uniform creates equality amongst everyone,” Gonzalez said. “One store or one brand creates equality amongst all students.”

Some kids do break the rules by wearing different brands, Gonzalez said. “So that creates issues amongst themselves,” he said.

At Major Hector P. Garcia High School, the uniforms are fairly complex.

“Blazer, sweater vest, shirt and tie. Slacks, black socks, belt, black shoes,” Teacher Rob Heise said.

Students aren’t just concerned about uniforms. The idea of in-campus lunch makes some students feel more like children than the adults they’re becoming.

“Students who achieve higher grades should be rewarded. Obviously they’re taking responsibility as students, and we should respect that by giving them, by allowing them more freedom,” said Rob Heise.

There is also a concern about that the student safety“ I think it creates another set of issues, what if something happens,” Uriel Gonzalez said.

Beside school uniforms and in-campus lunch there is also concern on homework and if  it’s beneficial, there is believe that it getting in the way of students extracurricular activities and keeps them from being able to get a part time job.

According to Uriel Gonzalez, he believes “When homework is reinforcement of what was learned in the classroom, it could be beneficial.”

This debate between school rules and student freedom ends with both sides

disagreeing. While students feel that those rules are too stringent, teacher believe that rules are there for a reason