New Partnership Enhances the Hi Frequency Program

New Partnership Enhances the Hi Frequency Program


State-of-the-art broadcasting equipment for use in the program

Focus on Tomorrow is proud to announce a partnership with the Illinois Center for Broadcasting.  This collaboration will allow interns of FOT’s Hi Frequency program the opportunity to use the school’s state of the art equipment as well as explore post-secondary education options.  ICB offers hands on training to high school graduates via their certificate training program, which includes a successful job placement program.

Allowing Hi Frequency interns access to the school will put them a step ahead of the game as they prepare to enter a field of technology that is constantly changing.  ICB’s facility offers the use of multiple editing stations and a small studio, fully equipped with state of the art cameras, lights, mics and a green screen.  In addition, ICB is allowing FOT interns the opportunity to shadow ICB student productions led by an ICB instructor and industry professional.  This exposure will only enhance an FOT intern’s experience in the Hi Frequency program.

Illinois Center for Broadcasting

With the added space and the access to more technology, Focus on Tomorrow is moving towards expanding the Hi Frequency program to more students in the Fall.  These students are all participating in the Career Training Education program offered within Chicago Public Schools.

It’s through both the partnership with CPS and ICB that Focus on Tomorrow is able to offer such a rewarding internship program.

Article by: Will Barroso