Hi Frequency

Hi Frequency was the original Focus on Tomorrow high school program offered on Saturdays.  In 2014, the program folded into the current After School Matters program.  As part of Hi Frequency. high school students in Chicago were given the opportunity to produce their own media content by working alongside industry professionals.  During their internship students acted as producers and correspondents for a variety of media packages touching on subjects such as social issues, trending restaurants and stores, the latest in tech gadgets and more.  Much like our current program interns developed valuable trade skills and compiled a professional portfolio of work that help them prepare to further their academic careers and, eventually, compete within the workforce.

Below are some of the Hi Frequency packages produced by students.

Chicago Johnny’s

Dino’s Just Good Food

Share Your Soles

CineYouth Film Festival

Global Activism Expo

Succezz Fashion Boutique

Lockdown Bar and Grill