Hi Frequency Concert Fundraiser May 10, 2014

On May 10, 2014, Focus on Tomorrow celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the Hi Frequency program with a concert fundraiser at the Chop Shop 1st Ward.  The event was sponsored by ABC 7 Chicago, Morgan Stanley and the Palace Grill.  Guests were able to socialize with program interns, who were the true stars of the night as they worked the room like professionals.

The evening was hosted by the wonderful Ji Suk Yi, co-anchor of ABC’s Windy City Live.  Ji spoke to some of the program’s participants on stage and introduced FOT Directors, Will Barroso and Sam Zackowitz.

Finally, the headliners took the stage.  According to Sarah, a local 90’s tribute band, rocked the crowd for over two and a half hours.  Guests danced the night away well past midnight as the evening came to a close with an amazing cover of Even Flow.

Focus on Tomorrow was extremely proud to celebrate the success of the Hi Frequency program but most of all the organization was excited to see so much support from good friends.

Pictures from the Concert Fundraiser

Photography by Ezell Hudson