CAN TV Season 1

Season 1 was hosted by Uriel Caballero of Kelly High School.  Uriel was one of the first students Focus on Tomorrow worked with and he showed an enormous amount of ambition and talent while enrolled in our program.  Here are some of the CAN-TV shows Uriel hosted.

Episode 1: Brighton Park Neighborhood Council

Episode 2: Imagination Theater

Episode 3: Marwen

Episode 4: The Safer Foundation

Episode 5: Working Bikes

Episode 6: Share Your Soles

Episode 7: Mujeres Latina en Accion

Episode 8: Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center

Episode 9: EverThrive Illinois

Episode 10: Circle Foundation

Episode 11: Cancer Kiss My Cooley

Episode 12: Common Ground Foundation

Episode 13: Focus on Tomorrow