Braddock Project

Focus on Tomorrow began as a fundraising effort to rebuild the TV Production program at G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School.  This program was shut down in 2010 because of state budget cuts.

The alumni of Braddock’s TV program, classes 1993 – 2005, reunited in 2012 to form Focus on Tomorrow.  Each alumni involved in this movement has obtained a career in entertainment and they each attribute their success to the foundation established at Braddock High School.  Focus on Tomorrow, in partnership with Braddock faculty, were successful in ensuring that today’s generation of Bulldogs have the same creative opportunities.

Braddock TV Production Course – Promo Video

Below you will find student videos produced at Braddock Senior High dating back over twenty years, the very art Focus on Tomorrow aims to nurture and protect.

WBHS Interview of Louise Harms – 1990.

WBHS Live Broadcast – September 16, 1991.

Braddock Inside – 1994.

WBHS Intro – 1995.

WBHS JROTC Story – 1995.

WBHS Intro – Circa 1996.

BTV 8 Interview w/ Ronald Landires – 1998.

BTV 8 The Cavalier – 1998.