New Program Allows Teens to Produce a LIVE Television Show

New Program Allows Teens to Produce a LIVE Television Show

Focus on Tomorrow is proud to launch a new program that works with our high school students post-graduation.  These amazing kids have proven they have the ability to produce content on their own and engage viewers with material that affects them and their community.  These shows are produced by our program graduates and aired LIVE on Chicago’s own Cable Access Network.  These students are charged with producing 13 live episodes that focus on a variety of organizations working to improve the city of Chicago.

Leading off the program is Uriel Caballero, a student that has been with Focus on Tomorrow since March of 2013.  Uriel has demonstrated consistent commitment to our program and his team.  His personality is perfect for this project as he thrives in conversations and is intrigued by programs that affect his city.  We congratulate Uriel on his development over the last couple of years that has allowed him to reach the point of being able to host a live television show.

It is our hope that younger students enrolled in our programs will aspire to replace Uriel when he moves on to his professional career.  The idea of having a progression of programs that allows students to move through various levels of production is at the core of Focus on Tomorrow’s mission.

These programs can be seen on CAN-TV in Chicago or online at or on our own website a day after they air live on television.

Article by: Will Barroso